With “trust”, we lay our foundations

Truth or a paradox

Udy Dhansingh
2 min readAug 29, 2023

Trust” can be the ultimate truth or a paradox. It is on each of us to make it a reality, an environment where teams thrive.

1. Each of us is vulnerable, the more you expose your strengths and weaknesses; the potential to be exploited or to be tested or betrayed increases. It takes strength and courage to put faith in others. Increasing your confidence in the intention and ability of others can foster deeper connection, engagement, and collaboration.

2. Everything we do has an element of risk. Taking that chance, believing someone without absolute certainty, creates a step towards improving the relationship. However, the risk can lead to disappointment or unintended harm when trust is misplaced. Mutual understanding of shared goals will build strong bonds, relationships, and greater experience.

3. Letting go is difficult, especially when one needs to know what’s happening with the initiatives. Constant oversight can be looked upon as mistrust, at the same time communications can remove the monitoring needs. Grant autonomy to others while ensuring both are aligned to end goals and adapt daily to create strong team dynamics.

4. Relying on others and being relied upon in return, is an acknowledgment of interdependence, and the need for collaboration and support. One needs to get things done independently, thereby creating a value proposition for oneself; at the same time, each must demonstrate mutual interdependence to foster an environment of trust by consulting, collaborating, and keeping others informed more often than necessary.

5. Either you take risks or are averse to risks; taking risks could lead you to be cautious. On the other hand, being open about opportunities and making the potential to thrive a prime objective can enable a mindset where everyone benefits through the trust ecosystem.

6. When one expects too much, they can be disappointed, and such a disappointment can trigger bad behaviors. Staying grounded in reality and often confirming the reality strengthens the experiences and assures that expectations and reality are aligned.

These are ruminations from the past. “Trust”, takes years to build and just a moment to break!