Microservices design philosophies

Microservices and UNIX

Today’s microservices have so much in common with the legendary UNIX philosophy. Here are some connections that I believe resonate well with what most of us are doing today, to that was created nearly 60 years ago.

Philosophy #1

  • date
  • cal
  • AuthenticationService — Authorize users
  • PaymentService — Process payments for user invoice
  • InvoiceService — Creates invoices for user purchases

Philosophy #2

  • PaymentService — Processes payment for the given invoice and notifies actors (user and services)

Philosophy #3

  • Administrators should be able to toggle log levels, inspect program states and evaluate root causes.

Philosophy #4


Greatness is a journey embraced with sacrifices, compromises, and adjustments. Make the foundation sturdy with solid principles and practices. Get, Set, and Evolve!



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