The power of multiplying the impact through positive energy!

Udy Dhansingh
5 min readJun 13, 2022

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I came into existence not by my choice, and I don’t know where I end, yet my journey needs to be meaningful, if not for me, for a greater cause!

From the creation unto the end, I’ll meet 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s of lives. Few will stay; few may leave. If not for most, a small percentage of those dear ones will treasure my love and be close while I exist. During the course of my existence, my mind will create a zillion associations and make decisions good and bad which eventually becomes my autobiography. I say “Autobiography” because, it is everything from my vantage point.

Life is that journey, which is driven by the aura and the energy I create from within. When my energy is very strong, I may overwhelm others (just like how the Mercury and Venus are close to the Sun and hence cannot support life). When my energy is weak, I’ll not be able to pull others close enough. However, when my energy is just right, I’ll keep myself and others in harmony (just like Earth in the Goldilocks zone where it can support a great living).

The right energy created is in my control, it will warm others who come in contact with me. That energy I’ve will be the magnetic force to attract others into my circle where I’m the epicenter. Each and everyone one I touch upon will manifest an impression in each others life. The manifest written could be influenced by others, but I must not be let to be altered by others.

Energy I create in will uplift others and and likewise, others energy can lift me up.

An example of such energy can be observed in geese flying in formations. Ever wonder why a goose stays in that zone?

Flying takes a lot of energy; flapping wings, generating lift. All this flapping creates an updraft in the air currents around the bird’s wingtips. Another bird can spend less energy by flying in this sweet spot, which is slightly behind and above the first bird. Flying in the formation also lets the birds keep in visual contact with one another so they’re oriented in the right direction.

There is no one right or wrong in this process, because each and every energy source is different and is influenced what what they can attract or repel.

Since it is my energy which attracted the other into my life, and likewise it is my energy which repelled the other away from me; I need to take responsibility for the positive and negative energy created.

There are few things which are in my control and few not in my control. I’m not in control of where I’m born, whom I’m born to, who are my family members; It is just a 1 in zillions of possibilities. Everything else is in my control.

The reason I keep saying everything is in my control is because of how the energy amplifies itself.

For instance, if I wanted to become a doctor/nurse, I will those who are compassionate and like to care for others.

If I wanted to become a lawyer, I’ll be around those who know the law, and want to uphold and protect those who need it.

If I wanted to be healthy, I’ll be around those who choose to have healthy habits.

If I wanted to be wealthy, I’ll be around those who have got there.

In each of these examples, the energy is what brings likely sources together, thus creating a tribe, a cult or a community.

Which is driving to a fact, the fact that every event that occurs from beginning to the end is due to a the influence of the energy from within.

Others enter into my life for a reason, and few will leave me for something else. The experience gained turns into my wisdom. The larger the impact area from my energy, the larger the experience I gain. It is a life long process I go through.

The question is, am I open or closed to such experiences? When closed, the energy is restricted and created emptiness. When open, it creates experiences that I live to experience and tell, both positive & negative. You and I are surfing on an invisible wave created by many such energies around us.

I would say, discovering myself is important, and for me to be in the right zone, I need to have the right energy, and for creating the right energy I need to be in the open minded zone. That’s because, I remember that, when I’m surrounded by highly positive energy, I’m able to deflect negative elements in my way.

I’ll be the positively charged aura, so that when others come in touch, together we will be able to create a highly energized ripple effect such that each ripple can energize someone be the next!

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