Storyline: Two Brothers and the Geese

Two sons work for their father on the family’s farm. The younger brother had for some years been given more responsibility and reward, and one day the older brother asks his father to explain why.

The father says, “First, go to the Kelly’s farm and see if they have any geese for sale — we need to add to our stock.”

The brother soon returns with the answer, “Yes they have five geese they can sell to us.”

That father then says, “Good, please ask them the price.”

The son returns with the answer, “The geese are £10 each.”



In this series of articles, I will reveal my perspective and thoughts on effective teams, individual contributors, and company culture. Over years of both managing and being managed, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, what inspires and what disheartens.

Cutting-edge software development teams are now a core part of a broader range of industries, many of which have positive social impact, including biotech, healthcare, education, government, and more. Now a talented tech worker can practice her craft and contribute to the greater good.

With a large effort, it often takes a team to get the job done. Together, my…

Microservices and UNIX

Today’s microservices have so much in common with legendary UNIX philosophy. Here are some connections that I believe resonates well with what most of us are doing today, to that was created nearly 60 years ago.

There is nothing like a great or worse architecture, sometimes a bad decision is better than being indecisive, how can one achieve greatness?

Software architects are entrusted upon to solve business problems, an architect creates elegant solution domain to a business problem. The design principles an architect employs to a solution is influenced by their experience and situational parameters. As a key stakeholder of…

5S is a framework that emphasis the use of a specific mindset and tools to create efficiency and value. It involves observing, analyzing, collaborating and searching for waste and the practice of removing waste.

Disclaimer: Observations and opinions stated in this article are my own, and does not reflect those of my employer or others. The practices described in this article is applied in everyday life and may undergo revisions as situation demands.

Here is a quick recap on what each ‘S’ in “5S” means

  • Sort: Keep only essentials items to complete the tasks.
  • Set in order: Ensure that all…

On one side, workplace politics can be ruthless, mentally draining and destructive. On the other side, it can be a powerful instrument to create opportunities for making things better for everyone. In my opinion, it is best to be aware of workplace politics and prevent it, before it spreads!

Reference “Kashmir The Story”

If you’ve not watched, I suggest watching this documentary on Amazon Prime: Kashmir The Story

Though this story is about Kashmir, observation of the events and the way then leaders handled it does teach a lot. …

Emoji Challenge

Building telegram bots are fun. Choosing Java to create a bot and use emojis sent me into a tricky situation.

The unicode code points for emoji must be converted to surrogate sequence for Java code to process it correctly, otherwise the character will not be rendered rightly to visualize.

Java needs surrogate pair for the unicode point, which is a bit daunting to start with, and it is even more crazier to keep it synced periodically with the list of emojis that get created. This is best automated, so that when things change, code can be adapted easily.

As of…

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